New Flavor From Tabasco Is 20 Times Hotter Than Its Original Sauce

Tabasco sauce has become classic for spicy dishes in America and Europe. It can often be found in Mexican dishes, breakfasts, marinades for meat and Bloody Mary.

Despite its extensive line of flavors, Tabasco continues to amaze and improve for its customers. Recently the company has released a new sauce, and it is rumored that it will be hotter than all the previous ones. New The Scorpion Sauce consists of “scorpion” peppers from Trinidad, guava, pineapple and original Tabasco and will be produced in limited batches. The sauce will be sold on the official website and in on the Avery Island, Louisiana, where it was first made.

According to the company, the new sauce is 20 times hotter than the original one, so all lovers are advised to be very careful with the dosage and have a glass of milk nearby.

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