Is Amazon Going To Deliver Meal Kits?

Is Amazon Going To Deliver Meal Kits?

For the past few years, it feels like Amazon is now in charge of almost every aspect of our life. And It’s going for more.

The company has filed a trademark application indicating it’s about to dive into the meal kit business. In fact, Amazon has already been selling meal kits from third party companies via Amazon Fresh service. The kits are mostly produced by the food companies like Tyson or Martha Stewart-Marley Spoon collaboration.

According to the latest investigation from TechCrunch, Amazon already registered a U.S. trademark with a slogan: “We do the prep. You be the chef”.

If this all sounds very tempting for us – customers, it might be bad news for other meal kit services like Blue Apron, which went public a few weeks ago. The stock price for Blue Apron dropped more than ten percent instantly after Amazon possible meal kit project news.




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