First Underwater Winery Just Opened In Croatia

If you still don’t have plans for the rest of the summer, consider Croatia as a holiday destination. No, this is not an advertising post about the resorts of Croatia, it is something much more interesting.

Wine enthusiasts, experienced divers and brothers Ivo, Anto, and Edie founded the first winery under the water and named it Edivo Vina. It is located in the town of Drach on the Croatian peninsula of Peljesac.

However, to visit its cellar, guests need a diving skill, since the bottles are located directly under the water. The wines are aged for three months in barrels, and then stored in clay jars (amphoras) that give the wine a pine flavor. The wine is protected by a cork with two layers of rubber so that the salt water does not penetrate in there, and the bottles are stored in closed cells (from pirates probably).

Guests of the winery are also offered tours of the sunken ship, which is located in the same place as the amphoras.

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