There Is An App That Will Help You to Forage For Food

There Is An App That Will Help You to Forage For Food

Remember, those small brochures, and encyclopedias, where different types of mushrooms were indicated? My grandmother had one, and I remember looking closely at it while we went foraging for mushrooms (it’s a tradition in Russia). I even had a small pocket book for mushroom pickers, that helped me a lot to indicate an edible mushroom in the forest, but it took a lot of time and effort. And of course, I made some mistakes.

Nowadays, such paper products have long been given to mulch and foraging not a thing anymore, although some chefs are still very interested in going into the wild and collecting some of the botanicals or herbs for their table. In fact, it’s quite popular in the northern countries. That is why famous chef Rene Redzepi (owner of Copenhagen-based NOMA restaurant) developed an application called Vild Mad. It will help users to determine the type of wild plant, its edibility, as well as tell you about the seasonality of these products in their growing environment.

Rene Redzepi himself said that he wants to promote foraging of wild edible plants as an important life skill, and not as a relic of the past.

The Vild Mad application is already available on iOS and Android in English, Danish, and German.

There is also a site devoted to, where you can make a donation, read articles and buy a stylish souvenir.

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