Veuve Clicquot released two new flavors

Veuve Clicquot released two new flavors

During its more than 200 years of existence, Veuve Clicquot had grown a massive army of loyal customers in various countries. Their sparkling wines had always been around the most important events from weddings to anniversaries, from noisy and expensive parties to private candlelight dinners.

Two new tastes, which the brand announced, will appeal to everyone who not only likes sparkling wine but also don’t mind some experiments. Clicquot Rich and Rich Rosé are created under the influence of mixology and, unlike champagne, go well with ice, fruit and even vegetables.

The reason why new tastes can and should be served over ice or with vegetables is an increased amount of sugar. Of course, the company does not deny that Clicquot Rich and Rich Rosé can be drunk without anything, but fans of the traditional Brut may not like the excessive sugariness of the products.

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